Zoeva is a brand that I have been looking at a lot, but I haven’t previously tried any products. So when I was in Paris, and they had the brand in their Sephora stores, I took a chance and bought a palette. Now, I just saw that the brand launched in the Danish Sephora stores on April 17th so yay!
If you know me, then you know I LOVE rose gold, and I, of course, had to own the Rose Golden palette. First of all, it’s beautiful, and it’s just up my ally.
It’s a palette that you can keep reasonably neutral, but you can bump it up as well. It consists of 10 colours, and only three of them are matte, so if you are a matte lover this might not be the palette for you.

To go through the colours, I’ll start by taking one row at a time:

Luster is a greyish matte colour that I did not understand in the beginning, but the more I used it, the more I kind of saw the functions of this colour. It’s a beautiful colour to start a look off with.
Reflective Elegance is a pink base colour, with peachy glitter, not chunks, but small reflective pieces of glitter. It reminds me a bit of Cosmopolitan from Makeup Geek.
Copper is King reflects what’s in the name; it’s a beautiful copper colour, with a metallic finish.
Shining Bright is a light brown/bronze colour with a satin finish.
Rusty Petals is a rusty brown with a pink shift in the glitter, and it has a metallic finish.

The second row of shadows

Foil is a beige golden colour with silver glitter in it. I really like this colour.
Just a Rose is a rose gold colour, and it has a satin finish.
Golden Rule is a neutral gold colour; it’s not too warm compared to other gold colours.
Harmony is a matte charcoal, and I haven’t used this colour a lot, because I usually don’t use this type of colour, so for me, they might as well have exchanged this colour for another one. But it is one of those colours that can help vamp up a look.
Wonder Full is a dark brown colour, and it’s matte. I like the fact that they didn’t put a black shadow in the palette, because I don’t really use it, whereas dark brown is a lot better for me since I’m so fair, even though I know a lot of people prefer a black shadow in their palettes.

I wanted to love this palette because it’s rose gold, and so damn pretty. I do think it lacks a bit of pigment but it helps if you add a little bit of setting spray to your brush or if you use your fingers. I don’t think it’s a bad palette in any way, and I do like it. I just wish it was a bit more pigmented because sometimes I feel like I have to spend a lot more time on creating a look because I have to keep reapplying the main shadow and the shadows fade when I try to blend the edges. I think that’s the most significant issue I have with this palette. I do want to try more Zoeva palettes, so it hasn’t scared me in any way, though I would have loved some more pigment in this one, and then I would have been sold!   

You can buy it here for185 kr.