So when you start out with makeup or you get into makeup everything can a bit of a jungle to figure out. On top of that makeup costs money, so you also have to think about what and how you chose to spend your money. So if I had to begin again ( on a Wednesday in a cafe I watched it begin again) these are the things that I would spend my money on.

Let’s start with what tools. I personally think you can do a lot with just a few brushes because even though some people don’t like using their fingers, I think fingers and makeup get along really well. I love using my fingers.

One brand that I would look into when starting with brushes is Real Techniques. e.l.f also has some really good brushes and then we have the classics as Sigma and MAC. These brands have everything that you need and would want. Now I wouldn’t start out with buying a beauty blender because you will need to replace that every few months, so I would start out with a foundation brush and your fingers, and then maybe along the road jump on the beauty blender train.

Face brushes
For foundation brush, I really like this sculpting brush from, Real Techniques. You could use this both for foundation, cream bronzer, cream blush, and highlighter if you wanted to. I think it’s really easy to use and works well with foundation. I do have to say that I often use my fingers for foundation, so you could totally skip a foundation brush if you ask me.

Sculpting brush from Real Techniques. Is good for foundation and other cream products

For bronzer I would go for something like this F40 brush from Sigma, e.l.f also has one that is pretty similar, it’s their angeled Blush brush. The one from e.l.f is a bit denser than the one from Sigma and the head is also a bit smaller. But a brush with an angel, and not a too big brush is what I would go after. The Sigma F40 would be able to be used for both blush and bronzer, and the same with the e.l.f one.

On the left is the blush brush from E.L.F and on the right is the Sigma F40, in the travel version. That is why the handle is a bit shorter.

For highlighter, I have two brushes that I really like. There is this one from Real Techniques their fan Brush. It was part of a kit with the sculpting brush I already talked about it and another brush that I will talk about in a moment. The moment I started to use this fan brush, was the moment I fell in love with highlighters and actually understand why people love them. The other one is one from Tarte, which also were a part of a set, I would go for a highlighter brush shaped like this. Small and fluffy. It just works so damn well for highlighters.

On top, we have the Real Techniques fan brush. On the bottom, we have the Tarte Highlighter brush which is my favorite right now.

Now the setting brush that I would buy again is the setting brush from Real Techniques. You would also be able to use this as a highlighter brush. I like brushes that are easy to control. Therefore the less the space they take up the better (well for the most part). I love this setting brush and it’s all I use, and if you have dry skin then you will really love this one. It makes applying powder so easy and you have so much control.

Reacl Techniques Setting brush. I love this brush!

Eye brushes
Now there is one particular brush that I would spend a bit more money on than the other brushes. That is a MAC 217. You can do a whole eye look with just this one brush. I would definitely start there when it comes to eye brushes. This is a must! Sigma do have some that is similar, but the MAC 217 is the one to go with.

The king of blending brushes. If you have a 217 then you can get a long way, even with just one brush

The 217 is a blending brush so I would also add a flat eyeshadow brush to the mix. I honestly really like this one from Essence or this one from Sigma. I find the brush shouldn’t be too big because it’s just easier to control when the brush head is a bit smaller.

On top is the Sigma E55, this is a travel size version of the brush and that is why the handle is so short. On the bottom, we have Essence brush from their honey collection.

This brush isn’t a must, but it is nice to have. Essence has this blending brush that is a bit bigger than the MAC 217, also a lot cheaper so if you want a bit bigger blending brush along with the 217 then this is a good one, or if you do have a bit more money then the E40 from Sigma is my favorite when it comes to a bit bigger blending brushes.

On top we have a essence brush. On the bottom is the E40 from Sigma. This is a travel version of the Sigma brush, that is why the handle is shorter.

So when all comes to all, my complete set would look like this.

From left to right we have foundation brush, Setting brush, Bronzer brush, blush brush, highlighter brush, flat eyeshadow brush, blending brush, bigger blending brush

You can find Sigma brushes here

You can find Real Techniques here

You can find MAC brushes here

Essence is in stores like Bilka and Føtex.

So what are your must-have brushes?