Happy New Year! 2020 is finally here, and I have been so excited for 2020, because I have manifested 2020 to be my year. Yup, I don’t normally do that, but why not try something new, right? 2019 was actually a good year for me, I finished my masters degree in comparative literature, I got my first job on a movie, and my second job on a movie starts this January (yay me!) I also went to my first BTS concert in London, which made me deaf for two whole days. I went to Hawaii, so a lot of fun things happened for me. OH yeah, I’m moving back to Odense as well. So, A lot of things, good things, happened for me in 2019. So why not make 2020 even better?

So how am I going to that, you might ask? Well, one of the things I’m going to focus on in 2020 is buying less and using more of what I have. My main focus is on my makeup of course. As I just mentioned I’m moving back to Odense, and there is no room for a makeup table at my apartment, which means I’m forced to store my makeup differently than before. So, I thought about it and I’m going to do a no buy when it comes to highlighters, blushes and bronzers. I have so many of each category, too many for one person, and I do think that it’s sad if they are just sitting there and not getting used for anything. YouTube kind of created this whole picture that when you like makeup, you NEED to have a huge collection, which honestly is just wrong, even though I know I have waaaaay too much makeup, I just really want to enjoy what I have in these categories. I could have made a “no buy” with all of my makeup, but I don’t want to place that big of a limit on myself (I’m weak okay? I love eyeshadows, what can a girl do?). So, I want to do the whole “shop my stash,” and get excited over products that I forgot about, but really like. That will be my main focus. The whole point with this is to use what I have, and maybe see if I can use a few products up during 2020. I also want to reduce the number of skincare products that I have in my collection. So instead of saving the minis for traveling and then not taking them with me when I travel, I want to just use them at home to begin with, so I don’t have so many products laying around. Overall, I want to be better at using what I have and be less wasteful with products.

I will of course keep you guys updated on how things are going on here and on Instagram. I haven’t decided if I’m going to focus on specific products, or if I’m just going to pick whatever I feel like. But that is a progress that I figure out along the way. Some months I might pick some specific products, some months I might not, but we will see how it goes. This is my main focus when it comes to beauty in 2020, what are some of your beauty resolutions in 2020, tell me all about them and maybe I can add them to my list.