So brushes… I don’t think brushes is the most exciting thing when it comes to makeup, but it is something that can make our break a look. Some brushes they blend like a dream and others feel a whole workout every time you have to use them. So they really can make a change, therefore I thought I would share my favorite brushes with you. 

Blending brushes 
Blending brushes are a huge part of my makeup rutine, well at least when I apply eyeshadow. I have two blending brushes that I have mentioned before and that I feel everybody needs to own. 

Sigmas E40 tapered blending brush, is the brush that I start all my looks with. It gives this soft look, and then you can build the shadow with it. It’s not as concentrated as other brushes, meaning it touches a larger area. 

Mac E217 this brush is a classic! You can do tons of looks with only this brush. It’s a bit smaller than the E40, and it makes blending a dream! I LOVE this brush and if you don’t own any brushes,   then I would start with buying this brush. It everything you need. 

Highlighter brushes 
This Real Techniques 404 Fan brush was my favorite for a very long time for applying highlighter, and I still love it, it’s just that another brush took it’s place as my number one brush, but this one stille deserves to get a mentioned. It’s such a beautiful brush because it makes your highlighter so smooth to look at and then it just makes applying makeup easy. 

The other highlighter brush that I have to talk about it the Tarte one from their Tarte 

Merry Metals – Brush Set, that I have talked about before on the blog. I can Sephora doesn’t have it on their page right now (at least the danish version doesn’t), but keep your eyes open for this one. I love it and as the Real Techniques one, it also just makes your highlighter look so smooth on your skin. 

Foundation My favorite one for applying foundation is Make Up Geeks foundation stippling brush. It keeps being my favorite and I always pick that one over my other brushes. It just works so incredible with foundation and makes the foundation look good on the skin. 

My other favorite “brush” is my fingers. I just love using my fingers when I’m applying foundation. It fast and easy and it works the foundation beautifully into the skin. 

I hope this was interesting and maybe gave you an idea to try some new brushes.