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The title of this might seem a bit odd, because how hard can it really be to figure out how to wash your face, right? But when that is said, I have changed the way I wash my face using only my hands and a cleanser. There is no secret steps or fancy devices, but it is a method I picked up from a youtuber (sadly I do not remember who so I cannot give credit where credit is due) and now I am passing it on to you.

It is quite simple, in fact. What I would normally do would be to spread the cleanser on my face and move my hands in more or less the same pattern every time. This is exactly what is important! We do it without even noticing but we pay attention to the exact same area every night, while we leave other areas out. For me, I focus on my forehead and the apples of my cheeks maybe moving down to my jawline. All the other areas around my nose, the areas connecting my cheeks and jawline as well as my temples would only get a quick swipe on my way to the ‘important’ areas.  

When I located the areas that I tended to skip when I washed my face, I started focussing on those areas more by spreading out my attention. I think the youtuber I mentioned above called this method ‘dry washing’ because the next step is to apply cleanser to dry skin. After I remove my makeup, I dry my skin before applying my cleanser. At the moment I am using the Ecooking Cleansing Gel and it is perfect for the purpose. Next I will be using their Cleansing Milk, and I am excited to see if that works as well. By applying the cleanser to dry skin, I am forced to work it into the skin better, giving me an opportunity to focus on washing my entire face. My cleanser changes from white to translucent at the point where I can no longer work it into the skin, and when that happens it is time to activate it. In order to activate the cleanser, I wet my fingers and work them over the skin once again which makes it foam up. After this step, focusing on the entire face, I clean the cleanser off.

This might sound like a lot of work, but I promise you it is not. It takes me about two minutes making it faster and cheaper than using for example the Clarisonic. By using this method, I have seen some weird results. Two days after starting I noticed that I was starting to get some whiteheads on the areas of my cheeks that I normally never really put much focus on. The same thing happened to my nose. This also happened when I first started using the Clarisonic, and it is because the skin gets a thorough cleanse! The whiteheads disappeared very quickly after that.

I really like this method especially when I wear makeup because when I swipe a cotton pad with my AHA toner over my skin afterwards, it is actually clean. I also feel like my skin looks clearer.

It might not be something ‘new new,’ but I have seen great results on my skin, and it shows that it is important to think about what you focus on when you wash your face. I think it is fun to find out new ways to use my products in order to achieve even better results without making things more complicated. Let me know how you like it if you try out this method, or if you have other methods that works for you!