Personally, I think that November has been a tough month…..

The weather has turned very dark and grey here in Denmark and it is not something I’m very fond of. I did like the days when the weather turned cold and we got some snow. But otherwise, I feel like November has been very tough on my mental health. Therefore doing my makeup was one of the most fun things that I could do.

Tom Ford 03 cocoa mirage
I have talked about this palette before, but it has been a while. I found this in the stack of palettes that I have, and I forgot how much I love this quad. First of all this formula, is smooth like butter (see what I did there?) and it is so easy to work with. The light brown is like a dream. It blends out so easily, that everybody can use this color.

Three of the colors are matt and then there is a small amount of shimmer in the last one. But very little. Before I mostly used white and light brown, but this time around I use the whole quad. The one with a slight shimmer in it, I normally place all over the lid, and the way that looks with my green eyes is just perfect. I really like the look. So honestly I have been very the same time of look almost every day. I’m so glad that I started to use it again.

Tom Ford 03 Coca Mirage eyeshadow

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood flawless filter in light 2
I have talked about this product so many times, that I do have much more to say. But I have to mention it, because I have used it every time I did my makeup here in November, and I have now managed to empty this bottle. I know it doesn’t look empty, but I promise it is. I’m kind of proud that I get through it. I will say that I am already looking to buy a new one. It is just one of those products that fit perfectly into my routine, and it works so well with my skin. I’m sorry to talk about this product again, but I simply had to.

Clinique Even Better Clinical serum foundation SPF 20 in CN10 Alabaster
I have talked about their Even better refresh foundation before which I really really liked, but I don’t think I have talked about this one before. It is a bit different than the refresh version. I have chosen both of them in the same color and that match has been quite well, even though there are a few differences.

This foundation has good coverage and I honestly don’t need a lot of product to cover my face. I apply it in thin layers, with my fingers and spread it out, and then I use a brush to spread it out. It looks beautiful on the skin and it lasts the whole day. I really like it.

You can buy it here

e.l.f Ultimate blending brush
The brush I just mentioned above? This is the brush. I have had a long period of time where I have just applied my foundation with my fingers because I love the finish. But lately maybe because the November weather has hit me hard I decided to use a brush again.

What I do is I spread the foundation out on my cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead very thinly with my fingers, then I take the brush and spread it out and make sure to press it into my skin. The finish is so beautiful. The important thing is to have as little product on the brush as possible because then the brush works even better. This brush is a bit dense, but also a bit fluffy. It works perfectly for the foundation.

Rare Beauty Setting Powder in Light
I still love the products from Rare Beauty and it is the beauty brand of 2022 if you ask me. This powder has a semi-matte finish, and it is perfect now that my skin becomes drier than it is in summer. This lay beautiful on the skin and it is easy to apply other products on top. I really love this product.

You can buy it here