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It is April 2023! Even though I feel like I have spent the first three months of 2023 being sick I still got to use some makeup and a bit of haircare. The weather in Denmark should become sunnier (or I am at least hoping for it ☀️) so I am looking forward to that. But before we get lost in a new month let’s look back at what beauty things I used a lot and loved in the month of march.

Dior BACKSTAGE Glow Face Palette – 001 universal

I don’t think that I have talked about this product very much, but I felt like now were the right time to do it. I have been using this highlighter a lot, but mostly as eyeshadow. I love the pink blush shade on my eyes. It looks so pretty and so fresh. If I want it to be less pink, then I mix it with the bronzer shade, and boom a new beautiful color. The bronzer shade is also beautiful on its own. On top of that it is also a beautiful highlighter and blush in one. I have really enjoyed mixing the bronzer and pink shade on my cheeks as well. All in all, I have been enjoying this product. This product does come in multiple versions.

You can buy it in Sephora stores or online SephoraUS for $45 and SephoraDK here for 389 kr

HH Simonsen Volume Mousse 300 ml

I realized that I don’t talk as much about my haircare routine as I should. I feel like I have found some solid products in my routine and I am not about to gate-keep them. So I have wavy hair and I really enjoy having my hair like that. I have found a product all thanks to my mom’s hairdresser and my mom for letting me use her products. But this HH Simonsen Volume mousse is a fiber mousse, that works beautifully with my hair. It gives me the best waves and it is even easy to use on second-day hair. I love this product so much and is so worth the money.

You can buy it here (danish webshop) for 199,00 kr

Zarkoperfuma Pink MoléCule Hand 090.09 Cream

If there is one thing I hate, then it’s having dry hands. There simply is nothing worse. I don’t know what it has been with this month, but my hands have been really dry. Therefore I have hand creams everywhere. This one did however surprise me. It is really nice on the hands. It dries fast, so you can use your hands right away. This is honestly my biggest problem with hand cream when they don’t dry fast enough or just stays sticky on your hands. This one does not do that. It does have a very strong perfume scent, so just beware of that. I just want to say that I was gifted this one, and would never buy it for the price that it costs.

You can buy it on the danish Sephora website for 250,00 kr

EcoTools Total Perfecting Blender

Normally I use my fingers on my face to apply foundation. But I bought a sponge, used it wet, hated how that made my foundation look and went back to my fingers until I used the sponge dry. I know this might sound like the most old-school thing you have heard in forever, but I used a sponge dry, and I freaking love it.

Sometimes using a wet sponge can make your foundation separate and look very heavy on the skin. Whereas the dry sponge doesn’t do that. And I know that it’s because it soaks up the excess foundation, and the wet one doesn’t do it as much. I know. I just like the dry sponge more…

You can buy it on Amazon for $4.95 or if you need a danish store you can buy it in Bilka or here online for 79,00 kr.

Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush

Sigma is a brand that was on fire when I started my makeup journey, but now there have been added so many new brands, that I sometimes forget about Sigma. I do however use the brushes that I have from Sigma a lot. I think for the month of March, I have only used this brush. This brush and my Dior highlighter as my eyeshadow, that’s it. I have kept it simple, and this brush has been perfect for applying and blending the eyeshadow out. Honestly have nothing more to say other than this brush is worth the money and works so well.

You can buy it on Amazon for $17 or if you need a danish store then you can buy it here for 119 kr