La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5
I have already talked about this product last week, and if you have not read about it, then go do it right now. You don’t even have to look for it just click right here. It is such a beautiful product and it just makes the biggest difference to your skin. So just try it out! Such a wonderful product!

You can buy it here

Garnier Fructis Macadamia Hair Food Smoothing Hair Treatment
This is an oldie, but a goodie. Garnier had a really good run when they started to release these different types of hair masks, that were okay under the girly curl method. I of course had to try them as well, and I have loved all of them, so you can use which one you want. But I am using this one right now. I got a highlight in my hair in July, so my hair needed a bit of extra care. So once in a while, I just add the mask to my dry hair, make sure I spread it out good, and then I place it in a bun on top of my head and then I go to sleep. This trick just helps a lot. It’s no effort but makes a big difference. I wash it out in the morning and then I shampoo and condition it as normal.

You can buy it here

Rare Beauty Bronzer stick in Happy Sol
Rare beauty is my favorite beauty brand right now, as you might also notice in this post. I just think Selena has done a beautiful job with the brand. I do have to say that, this product was a bit tricky for me. But I found a brush that works perfectly with it and a method. Instead of applying the product directly to my face, I apply it to the brush. This trick works so well for me. I have used this product all summer and I really like it. It is a bronzer stick, so the warmth it gives is lovely for the summer.

You can buy it in Sephora Stores or here

Rare Beauty Melting Blush in Nearly Apricot
I just bought this blush when I was on vacation and I love it! I have talked about the Nearly Neutral one that I have had for a while now. I am really a big fan of cream products and Rare Beauty has some of the most beautiful ones. It looks beautiful on the skin, and it is easy to apply.

You can buy it in Sephora stores or here

L’oreal True match Nude plumping tinted serum mixed with Rare Beauty foundation
Long title I know, but this mix of foundations has been a savior for me this summer. Just when I got back from Thailand my skin was lovely summer tanned and the L’oreal true match nude plumping tinted serum in 2-3 light, was a perfect match for my skin. But as the I haven’t gotten as much sun when I got back home and my color is not as tanned anymore. By mixing in the Rare Beauty foundation in 130N, which is to the lighter side for me. I get this perfect combination of color and consistency. The tinted serum is very glowly and good for dry skin. The Rare Beauty foundation is a bit drier and better for oily skin, and this combination just matches perfectly for my skin. It is also a good way to use up products that might not fit perfectly in color.

You can buy the Rare Beauty foundation in Sephora stores or here

You can buy the L’oreal True Match here