The Body Shop and I go waaay back. Their body butters were the first ”luxury” body products I ever tried. By luxury I mean anything that does not come from a supermarket or my mother’s stash. I was head over heels when I first saw this because it is rare to find 100% natural ingredients these days without entering a health store. But The Body Shop have done it and it is the sole reason why I ventured back in there recently because they have launched a 100% natural shea butter.

There are many advantages to using natural products – do you still recall when people went nuts (haha, do you get it?) for coconut oil-everything? Because it is a natural product it is more likely to work for the sensitive skin types just like you can use it on multiple different parts of your body with no problem. It is also perfect if you want to experiment with making your own moisturising products with a base of shea butter. Perhaps I’ll try that out and let you know how I get on. I also like that it comes in a very environmentally friendly packaging than their traditional hard plastic jars. I saw recently that there is a store in London that offers you to cut off your own chunk of shea butter and wrap it in paper, like we know from the Lush brand and stores. Amazing concept!   

The product – or rather – the shea butter is gathered in Ghana (perhaps the least environmentally friendly thing about it is the transportation) by women from Ghana who have been using the product for generations. Therefore it is vegan friendly – a big plus in my book!

According to The Body Shop on their website, the product should have a rich, and creamy consistency, give moisture for 72 hours, long term softer and smoother skin, not feel sticky on the skin and have a warm, nut-like scent.

The product is fairly solid and at this time of year, it takes some warming up between the hands before it can be smoothened out over the skin. You can definitely feel it on your skin but it does not feel like an oily or traditional lotion residue. It is heavy and smooth similar to an intense hand treatment, if I have to compare it to anything. Rich and creamy sure does it justice! I would not categorise it as sticky, and for being an all natural product, it is absorbed much quicker than lotions!

If it lasts 72 hours, I cannot tell but it does provide an intense moisture and fat to the skin which makes it feel softer and smoother for a while. For me it is perfect for the colder months where my skin needs more fat and moisture because it really does feel like a deep treatment of the skin.

The scent is barely there and very subtle. To be fair, I do not think I have fully smelled it yet if it dos exist. A good thing for those who are sensitive to smells.

I will highly recommend this product to anyone who is interested in environmentally friendly beauty, looking to incorporate more natural products into their routine or possibly anyone looking to experiment with homemade products containing shea butter.