I don’t know why, but I recently pulled out my Naked Cherry Palette from Urban Decay. It might be because I felt like it needed a bit of love, as the palette reminds me of fall and it is currently summer, though the first half of the palette could be considered more summer friendly. I must admit my Naked Palettes don’t get as much love as they once did. So, I am trying to change it up a bit. The first look is very girly and light. The second look is more cobber/reddish bronze, which is always a nice look for summer. 

Just a little disclaimer. There is nothing magic or complete perfection over these looks. Just simple day to day looks.

First look

I started with my beloved eye primer from NARS, which is called Smudge Proof eyeshadow Base. I always like to set my primer either with my face powder or a light-colored shadow, therefore I applied Hot Spot all over the lid. Then I applied the color Juicy to my crease as my transition color. I always like to build up my color slowly, because then it’s a lot easier to control. 

I used Caution to blend the edges of Juicy up towards my brows. Then I applied Feelz which is slightly darker than Juicy to the crease as well. I did place Feelz a bit lower than Juicy, so it comes off as a gradient effect. All over the lid, I used Bang Bang, and I went in with a blending brush to blend Bang Bang and Feelz together. When doing this step, I often go back and forth with applying Bang Bang and Feelz, so I get the right intensity from both colors, and to get them blended perfectly together.  

I then use an eyelash curler to (I know this is going to be shocking) curl my eyelashes. I applied a combination of the You better Work mascaras from Essence, (that I have a review of right here). Then I applied the Highlighter from Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Palette in the corner of my eyes to brighten.

Second Look

Once again, I started with my eye primer from NARS and I set it with Hotspot as I did in the first look. I lightly applied Caution in my crease. Then mixed Caution with Privacy and applied it to my crease. Be light handed with Privacy, since it’s the darkest color in the palette. You can make it as dark or as light as you want. Use Caution to blend the color out towards the brows. On the whole lid I used the beautiful Ambitious, and went back and forth between the colors as I did with the first look. Blending is so important, as it can either make or break a look so take your time to get it just right.  

In this look I used the same combination of Essence mascaras as I did in the previous look, and I curled my lashes before the application of mascara. I once again used the highlighter from the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette in the corner of my eyes.

If you want to see what I used for my complexion then head over to our Instagram amakeupchaos, where I will post both looks and what I’m wearing on my face. I hope this gave a little bit of inspiration.