If sunscreen isn’t a part of your daily skincare routine, then why are you wasting time and money on skincare products? Sunscreen is one of the most important products that you can implement into your routine. Now can it be difficult to find a sunscreen you actually like? Yes, it can and that is why I’m testing as many as possible.

Now am I just picking randomly? Nope! I have found myself in the universe of Korean skincare and their sunscreens have me kind of hooked. I have just emptied this bottle of sunscreen from Etude House. It is a sunscreen that should be really good for dry and sensitive skin. It should also help with redness in the skin. These are all things that my skin appreciates because it does have some redness, it is dry and it can also be sensitive.

This comes out a bit thick, compared to some of the other sunscreens that I have used. But I think it absorbs quite nicely into the skin. I have used it before going on a run in the morning, and you can’t feel it on the skin. Sometimes creams can come to the top of the skin when your skin gets warm and then it just feels grease. I have tried this a couple of sometimes with different creams. This one just lay really nicely on the skin, even after a 5 km run.

The only thing is, I am white as a piece of A4 paper, and this leaves a noticeable white cast on my skin. It takes some time before it isn’t visible anymore. So if you have a darker complexion than me, then please keep this in mind.

Other than that I really like this sunscreen, but I will not buy it again simply because I found others that I like more than this one.

You can buy it here for 179,00 kr.