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Skincare is really the place to start when there is a pandemic raising on in the whole world. I have always loved skincare, but since there hasn’t been a lot of going out and special occasions the last two years, it has been the thing that has made me more excited, than makeup, which says a lot.

I have used this product up, so it isn’t a part of my skincare routine right now, but it is a product that I genuinely liked and thought about buying again.

This is L’ORÉALs ultimate anti-wrinkle serum, which contains 1.5 % pure Hyaluronic Acid, to help intensely hydrate skin. Hyaluronic acid is something that occurs in our skin naturally and helps water and collagen to bind together, making our skin more plump and hydrated.

So Hyaluronic acid equals moisture and hydrated skin, which is why it’s an important ingredient. I did like using this product, but my skin did have to get used to it. I did notice a bit more blemishes when I started using it, which disappeared quickly again. But as I said my skin did have to get used to it, so just keep that in mind if you try this product.

I do like this product, and I also like the price tag. I bought it because I didn’t want to spend a huge amount on serum, and it worked out quite well.

The packing is also nice. I really like the bottle and the dropper does a wonderful job at dosing the product easily.

You can buy it here for 129,95 kr