I remember when I first got introduced to Rare Beauty, I sat there doing my makeup and I thought they were missing a bronzer – especially a cream bronzer. I love love that Selena didn’t launch a beauty brand with the classic powder products, but with mostly cream products instead.

So I know I am far behind on this one (and a lot of other things), but let’s talk about the bronzer stick. Now the first thing I want people to be alert about is that this is a bronzer stick, not a contour stick. As the name also points out with the warm wishes.

Contour is colder in its color whereas a bronzer is warmer. Therefore this product leans towards warmer colors. Now they do make different colors with different undertones. Now they only have 5 colors, they are spread out, but I’m sure that there are some people of color that could use a bit darker bronzer and I also think there are people that are lighter than me that could use a lighter one.

They go from light to dark

Power Boost – True brown, with a neutral undertone.

Happy Sol – Light brown with a cool undertone

Always Sunny – Rich caramel with a neutral undertone

Full of Life – Deep bronze with golden undertones

True Warmth – Deep amber with red undertones

I have the color Happy sol, which I have been pretty happy with. I think this color suited my summer tan and my skin now that I have started to lose my tan. I have come to the conclusion that neutral is what often suits me best, now I still don’t know if this is true if you ask professionals, but moving on!

Rare Beauty Bronzer Stick in Happy Sol

We all see these tik-toks of people applying cream products directly on their faces and then they blend it out. Yeah, that simply just doesn’t work for me. I couldn’t really get the product to work in the beginning because I applied it straight to my face. BUT then I saw somebody apply it to their brush instead and I started to apply the product directly onto a brush and THEN to my face, and now the products work for me.

I know I don’t really show you in the clip how I apply it to my brush, but look how easy it spreads out while giving my face some warmth. This is also with a bit of summer tan.

I also have to say that I really like the packaging of this product. It is just so easy to work with and the lid sits on the product tightly. I also traveled with it and I had no problem with this product.

The brush I like to use is this one from Essence, just a nice fluffy brush.

Essence highlighter brush from the Honey collection (I think)

I really like this bronzer and it’s so easy to work with WHEN you find a method to apply it, that works for you. I always apply it before my powder and I just lightly powder over it.

You can buy it in Sephora