There is a new beauty brand on the market. I feel like this is an on going thing right now, celebrities coming out with makeup brands, and honestly? I’m not mad at it. I don’t understand why people got so upset when Selena Gomez told that she was coming out with a new brand. First I was excited, but of course we had to wait a while before Sephora in Denmark got the chance to sell the products and the day it launched I was right on it. 

I have really been so excited for this brand, and I have not been disappointed. The packaging is beautiful and really smart. The products are different, and really nice. So today I will talk about the one product that I knew I just had to buy more of because it was just that good. 

Cream products have become more my thing the older I have gotten, and for that Rare Beauty is perfect. But today we are talking about Stay Vulnerable Liquid Eyeshadow. It’s a waterproof, liquid-to-powder eyeshadow that shouldn’t crease. I have it in two colors Nearly Apricot and Nearly Neutral. 

Rare Beauty Vulnerable liquid eyeshadow on the left is Nearly Apricot and on the right Nearly Neutral

Firstly the packaging is just *chefs kiss*. I love that the lids are flat on one side, it makes it so much easier when laying down. I love that the applicator stick is see through and the applicator itself is kind of fluffy. I know it doesn’t change the product on the inside, but I just noticed these things.

Rare Beauty applicator from stay vulnerable eyeshadow

So lets talk about what is important, the product it self. It’s a beautiful cream eyeshadow. I only got one color when it launched and as soon as they restocked I bought one more. 

This product is so easy to work with and it looks beautiful on the eyes. One product and one brush and you have a beautiful look. It’s easy to blend with a brush or your fingers. The color stays all day long. It doesn’t crease. It’s simply just a beautiful product. 

I used these all summer long and even in the heat, they didn’t move. It’s easy and it’s simple and I love it. Both colors work perfectly and I don’t have one bad thing to say about it. I work one eye at a time, because it doesn’t take long to dry down, but you do have time to work with it. The applicator is so easy to work with and it has the perfect size.

Me wearing the stay vulnerable eyeshadow

If you haven’t tried liquid eyeshadow yet, then this is the product that you need to try and I hope that she comes out with even more colors at one point.

There is four different colors and it cost 189 kr at Sephora Denmark.

You can buy it here