Today is going to be all about a product that I have been wanting to try for a while but I have never gotten around to it, before now. It is the Butter Bronzer from Physicians Formula.

The brand has been impossible to get a hold of in Denmark but Cocopanda has now blessed us with the opportunity to try this brand!

Physicians Formula got really famous for their iconic mascara in the green tube, that everyone suddenly had to own. I gave it a try too, and it was not the mascara for me, I must say.

Today’s product, the Butter Bronzer, was another cult product though more recently. In line with what the name implies, I must say that the product is smooth  and buttery in texture.

The colour range is not the biggest, as there are two shades and a sun kissed edition that contains glitter unlike the normal shades that just have some shine to them. I went for the lighter shade, as we are headed into winter, and the undertone is slightly orange. It is nothing major and especially not considering that some shade of orange is to be expected in a bronzer, but it is there, and if you are not into that at all, I suggest you steer around this product.

I actually really like the colour because it so light yet it gives a really nice warmth to the skin which is exactly what I look for in a bronzer.

Let’s talk about the scent of this product because that is definitely one thing to be aware of when buying this. The scent is not perfumery but nice and tropical. Once applied, you do not smell it at all, which is a good thing so there is no risk of tiring of the scent.

As you can tell, I really like this product. It is very easy to apply because the pigmentation is not too heavy. In my experience, this also makes the product faster to work with making it perfect for a busy morning routine without adding extra hassle!
If your complexion is really fair take into consideration that maybe the undertone is a bit too orange for you. Otherwise, this product will be great for summer when the bronzed look is at its highest. It is a really nice bronzer, and I can highly recommend it.

Buy it here or in drugstores.