So I just went to Amsterdam last week. All by myself for three days. Since it was only for three days, I only bought my backpack. This means that I had to get all my skincare and makeup through security, with bottles under 100 ml.

So I thought I would share what I did, and which products count as a liquid and which don’t.

I did kind of cheat with the skincare part I must admit, but I will talk about it anyway. NOW I know I was only away for three days, which did give me a bit of freedom with some things, like shampoo.

This bag that I have for flying, I have talked about before. I still really love this little bag. It just makes everything so easy and I can fit a lot more into it than I think, which is nice. It also makes it

The Rexona deodorant does NOT count as a liquid and therefore I didn’t have to place it in my “liquid” bag. The little sample jar is where I placed my foundation.


But I decided to find all of the skincare samples that I have gotten over time. The thing is, I kind of fell in love with these products while using them. I used the small cleanser samples for one evening and one morning. I could have spread them out over three days because the product went a long way. I distributed the Kielh’s creme for multiple uses but only used it in the evening since I did bring my full-size sunscreen because that is important! I also brought sunscreen for my body, I clearly prioritize sunscreen on my trips. The weather has been incredibly good in Europe lately, so that’s why.

I bought a travel-size Micellar cleansing water for the trip. I was surprised at how well it worked. I completely forgot, since I normally use cleansing oils or balms. It worked perfectly and also helped me control my atopic dermatitis. Then I of course brought a baby toothpaste. You could go with toothpaste tablets, but I didn’t have any on hand and didn’t want to buy some for three days.

The deodorant that you see in the picture did not count as a liquid, so I did not have to put it into my small liquid bag. It is a solid that you turn up, and then it turns into a cream in a sort of way that you then apply.


My foundation was the biggest hurdle. But I found a sample jar, and then I added a few pumps of foundation into that, and boom, I had a small container with foundation. That was the only part of my makeup that needed to go into my liquid bag. My Rare beauty-melting blush stayed in my makeup bag, and so did my mascara. This a little reminder that lip balm doesn’t count as a liquid.


I only bought dry shampoo that was all. I do want to say that the hotel I was staying at had good shampoo and conditioner in their bathroom, so I was kind of lucky in the end. I did get rained on on my first day there, so I ended up washing my hair, but that wasn’t really part of the plan.

Now if I were to only bring a carry-on and needed to bring shampoo, either I would choose a solid shampoo bar and conditioner or cross my fingers that the hotel has good shampoo and conditioner. Which isn’t the best plan.

But I do want to say that a thing that I have started to do, is save all the small samples jar that I have. Because they can contain a pretty nice amount and they don’t take up that much space, which is really nice. I hope this helps before you go on vacation!