Happy New Year Everybody! New year, new me is what a lot of people are walking around saying. It’s funny when you think about it, every time we start on a new year, it’s like everybody gets to start over, or at least everybody wants to shake the old year of them and they get excited to create a new and better version of themselves. It’s kind of nice that we do get to have that feeling every time we change the year on our calendar. This year I want to start things of differently than we have before. 

I’m not going to preach a new year new me situation here, but I do want to start the year with a talk about girls supporting girls. You don’t really get a look into the friendship that is between Tanja and myself here on the blog, but today I will give you an insight into one of the things we highlighted in our friendship, support! We have always supported each other, but I guess 2018 was a year where we supported each other in a different way than we have done before, and that lead to a lot of good talks! 

If there is one thing I have learned in life, is that nobody is meaner to each other than girls. Girls are really good at tearing each other down, making each other feel like they are worth nothing, and comparing each other in a negative way, because you must drag somebody down to make somebody else feel good, which shouldn’t be true, and it isn’t. 

Comparing yourself to others is something Tanja and I have talked about a lot. Sometimes you can feel lost, and feel like everybody else is moving forward, and doing something, while your life isn’t going anywhere. We have helped each other out when we started to compare ourselves to others, but without dragging other people down. We also worked on just building each other up reminding each other how good the other person is, because sometimes you forget the things you are cable of doing. You forget how smart you are, and you forget how hardworking you, so it’s always good to have a best friend to remind you of it. Just remember to build up and not tear down. Support the girls that are around you!

I hate when I see a “who wore it better” because normally both women look amazing in the clothing they are wearing, so I feel like the answer always should be both. It is okay to say one styled it more to your liking, but that doesn’t mean the other doesn’t look good in it. So just remember it’s okay to be more positive towards one, but it doesn’t mean the other one should be covered with negative words or be ripped a part.  

I know this is a different type of blog post from us, but I hope that girls supporting girls will get even better in 2019, and the next time you compare two girls or women to each other, that you will do it without tearing one down. 

Once again Happy New Year and Welcome to 2019!