This is a classic. I feel like every blog has one of these posts and yet ours do not. If you are a Danish follower and you have been following us for a while, none of the products I will mention should be a surprise. They have all been mentioned before but this time I will talk a little bit more in depth about how I use them, and this time our international readers will also understand! I am not one of those makeup bloggers who gets up every morning and applies a dramatic look of makeup. In fact, this post contains no eye makeup except mascara because I truly do not wear any on a daily basis. I will once in a while, but on a day-to-day basis I do not find I have the time or the desire to so – especially during spring, or as I like to call it, allergy season.


My base always consists of face cream and on top of that I apply the IT Cosmetics CC Cream. It is great for this season when the sun is popping out because it has SPF 50, and the application is quite light on the skin so I do not feel it throughout the day as it gets hotter out. I apply it using my fingers like I would my moisturiser. It can be applied with a brush or a sponge but I find that it can make it look a little pasty and less natural on the skin. After application, I like to let it sit and evaporate a bit before going in with a thin extra layer in the areas needed. For me that is usually my cheeks because they are redder than the rest of my face. Beware that it does not cover up spots – heck, even my freckles show through. It is light to medium coverage at best(!) but I quite like that for the hotter season.

After doing my eye makeup for the day, I come back to my skin to add blush. I will add bronzer and highlighter occasionally but at the moment I quite like the look without it. The blush I am using at the moment is the Dior Rosy Glow in 001 Petal. It is stunningly beautiful, hot pink and perfect for my pale skin. As I am quite pale, I do not get that natural sun kissed glow that suits the warmer skin tones. Instead I opt for this hot splash of colour that also reminds me of summer though it has no glitter or shine (something I try to be a little careful with on my pale skin). I apply it with a brush, sometimes to the apples of my cheeks other times more in a movement similar to the position of my cheekbones. I find that it can be toned up or down depending on occasion. It is not cheap, but it is definitely worth the splurge!


I like to keep my eyes simple, yet defined and the best way to do this is a good, dark coat of mascara and defined brows. I start by curling my lashes using the Tweezerman Lash Curler and then I apply one layer of the L’Oréal Volume Million Lashes So Coture. It separates my lashes really well but leaves a lot to be desired in terms of definition. While the mascara sets, I fill in my brows using the NYX Micro Brow Pen. In my opinion it is as good as the more expensive but very similar looking products, and it gives me the definition I want by allowing me to work in detailed little strokes with the small tip. I finish off by running the brush through my brows. I finish off my eyes by adding a good coat of the Essence I Heart Extreme Waterproof Mascara. It is not the most separating mascara of all time, but it is pitch black, very defining and holds a curl like a dream. If you struggle with the heat, you might want to add a waterproof mascara to your routine – this one lasts me all day long summer and winter!


For me, this is the most fun step. I start my routine by brushing my teeth and applying lip balm so it can seek in a little while I apply the rest of my makeup. When the rest of my makeup is done, I will finish off the look with a lipstick. I must admit that I do not have a daily go-to in terms of lipstick. Some days I choose a bright red and others a subtle nude. I do not pay too much attention to matching it to my blush because I apply quite a subtle layer of blush. At the moment I find myself reaching for my all time favourite Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Rhubarb, a stunning ‘your lips but better and slightly darker’-colour, or the Marc Jacobs Cream Lipstick in 246 Slow Burn, a ‘slightly darker than average’ stunning blush nude colour. To make them last all day I always always always use the Milani Anti-Feathering Lipliner in 01 Transparant. It is like glue between the lips and the lipstick.

There you have it. My very subtle, very rushed Monday morning makeup routine. It is not glam or especially fancy but it works, stays throughout the day and it suits my daily life in a quite traditional and old school field of work.