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I’m aware that especially for the Danish followers there has been a lot of Clarins products recently but I have to review this one as well as it is quite unique.

As part of their My Clarins range, Clarins has launched this product: a scrubbing powder. I had seen this product around and was honestly quite confused as to what it was. The packaging is unlike any skincare product I have ever seen – maybe except for some hand creams – and powder isn’t usually something we associate with skincare.

Eventually I went ahead and bought as I’ve grown quite fond of Clarins over the past 8ish months and the My Clarins range is all vegan, which is a major plus in my book. It wasn’t until I used it for the first time that I realised how to use it. You’re supposed to mix it with a cleanser – ideally the My Clarins cleanser but I think most gel cleansers will do! It’s a powder so expect it to spill everywhere when you first open it. When mixed with the cleanser it turns into a scrub like most other facial scrubs. The powder is quite fine in my opinion so you’re looking for more of a griddy, gloopy mix than a smooth mix. The application is easy though a little messy due to the extra added step of mixing the powder with the cleanser but it goes on easily and it does the job when massaged onto the skin.

Even though there is nothing wrong with the product as per say and it might be an advantage that each consumer can choose how griddy they want their scrub to be, I’m left a little confused as to why Clarins have chosen to launch this product rather than a traditional scrub. I think I would have preferred that as I find it unnecessary to add the extra step of mixing the powder and the cleanser. I will not repurchase!  

For our Danish followers, you can find it here!