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This was supposed to out last Sunday, sorry! The ”2 months till thesis deadline”-stress got the best of me but I’m back – better late than never, right? Today’s post is yet another Clarins product but quite a different one than the rest, if you ask me.

The My Clarins line is vegan, 88% natural ingredients and contains an anti-pollution substance. Perfect for modern life! The Pore-less stick is a multipurpose product that serves as a primer as well as a touch-up stick throughout the day. Personally, I never really touch up my skin throughout the day but I imagine it would have a similar effect as when used as a primer. I’ve tested it without makeup on top, and it works perfectly fine!

What it does is that it mattifies and blurres out any imperfections in the skin, leaving the skin looking matt, even and almost retouched but in a natural way. It’s a look that I’ve grown quite fond of as I find it isn’t too mattifying for my liking. I naturally have quite large, visible pores so this helps a lot to fill them and making them look less noticeable without clogging them and causing breakouts. As far as priming goes, it makes my makeup go on really smoothly but I can’t say I’ve noticed a difference in the lasting power of my makeup though to be fair, my makeup usually lasts quite long anyway! I do find it helps with oil-control throughout the day, and I’m excited to test it in the summer months when we’re finally allowed back outside.. It feels very smooth and non-sticky to the touch unlike most blurring primers, and the scent is young and fruity – maybe something to test before you buy!

The packaging (and the product) is tiny but cute. I’ve noticed that I tend to use a lot of it – maybe because the product is tiny so my usage is more noticeable or maybe I just use more product than intended by Clarins. I can’t be sure. It’s easy to use because you, as with any stick product, just apply it directly to the skin and massage it in using your fingers. That makes it perfect for on the go touch ups as well, if that’s your thing. I’d imagine it could come in handy throughout the day for teenagers or people with oily skin. According to Clarins, the packaging is eco-conscious too!

A really good vegan primer or mattifyer, if that’s something you’re into to!

 In Denmark it’s available in Matas for 140 kr.