Summer is getting closer and closer and I must say I am enjoying the beautiful weather that Denmark is currently producing. Honestly, I become a different person when the sun is shining. I simply just love it! I know there is a lot of getting your summer body ready, but I am not the kind of person. Your body as it is right now is already a summer body. Therefore I like to focus on some things that I just love to do for myself and that makes it feel like it is summer.

Brows, Brows, Brows
This is something that I do all year round, but doing it doing summer just makes things easier. That is dying my eyebrows. Mine are see-through, so the fact that I don’t have to think about them going swimming, or keeping up in the heat is a bonus for me. I have tried a new dye kit, but my favorite is still the one from Depend.

Make me golden!
Now I am white as paper, and when the temperature is rising and my legs need to come out and be shown to the world, I like to protect other people’s eyes. What I mean by that is I like using self-tanner on my legs. It just gives a better transition from my screaming white legs to a more of a summer tan. I like the one from San Tropez, there is also one from Matas that is talked about here. I just bought the one from Ecooking, so a review will be coming soon.

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub
Now to have self-tanner-ready skin you do need a few products to get a good result. You need a good body scrub. I really like Rituals bodyscrubs, especially The Ritual of Ayurveda, the smell is SO GOOD. I also like the Mild Bodyscrub Uden Parfume, it’s really easy to use.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate
After you have removed all the dead skin cells, the next step is moisture. Now here is have two different products that I really like. Once again Rituals have their shower oils that are really nice to use. They keep the skin moisturized, without having to use a cream or lotion, and it takes to seconds in the shower. The other thing is a dry oil. I hate lotion and cream mixed with hot weather. I don’t like it. The sticky feeling, the cream laying on top of your skin when your body starts to get warm, just NO! So Nuxe dry oil is really good for the purpose. It quickly drys and you are left with soft beautiful skin.

Protect, protect, protect
I couldn’t talk about summer must-haves without saying Sunscreen. You all know that I love sunscreen and that I wear it every day. I have now talked about a lot of different sunscreens my current favorite is the A’pieu Pure Block Daily Sun Cream SPF 45, PA+++ it is really good, and the price is good as well. A goodie, but an oldie is the Formular 10.0.6. I have talked about this alot. This is also a good one, and the price is good as well. I don’t have a specific one for the body, I normally just go for the one on sale, but remember sunscreen is SO important!