Soo I LOVE mascara as I have shared a couple of times on this blog, but my Clinique one which have been amazing, is reaching its end, I needed to buy a new one. My problem with mascaras is that often, they smudge on me, and when I say often I mean almost all mascaras smudge on me. So when I say that a mascara is good, it’s smudge proof.

My problem is that often when I use waterproof mascara it smudges under my eyebrows and when I don’t use waterproof they often smudge under my eyes. So I just need a mascara that doesn’t smudge. So I try to go with waterproof or long wearing. So I was browsing Sephora’s page and I found this Milk Makeup mascara and since I haven’t tried a lot of Milk Makeup I thought I would take a chance and try this one.

So that was a big mistake! Not because of the packaging, because that is just, so nice. It’s heavy and it feels really expensive. I also like that it is so simple. The brush is kind of big, but I do like it. It’s not my favourite, but it works as it should. The mascara started out really dry, but I thought it got a bit more moist, but it’s not a wet mascara, which I normally like, it not a big fan here.

The big problem is that it smudges like no other. It smudges under my eyes, it smudges over my eyes. And it’s honestly just horrible. If my eyes just get a bit wet…it smudges. I do like the brush even though it’s not the best brush that I have ever tried. But I like it. It gives you natural lashes, which I sometimes like, but most of the time I want them to be a bit more dramatic, since you can’t see my lashes without mascara.

The problem is I often end up with mascara everywhere. So this is a big no no from me. Use your money on something else, because this one is not worth it and I will try to use it up when I’m just staying at home, because then it’s okay to look like a panda, but I wouldn’t buy it again. If you however do want to try it you can buy it here.