This lip liner was everywhere in the beauty world for a while (with good reason) and now it seems to have been forgotten. Well not by me; this product deserves all the love it can handle.

A lip liner is a product used for just that, lining the lips (duh!). If you remember the 90’s, you’ll remember the dark rim around all the women’s lips; that was the lip liner. Thankfully, lip liner no longer has to be so flashy (actually, the less you see, the better), and that’s part of what makes this liner so perfect; because it’s transparent it doesn’t show up on the lips at all. It’s applied to the outer rim of the lips to create a defined line between the lips and the surrounding skin, as well as preventing other lip products from bleeding into the skin. Another way to use a lip liner is all over the lips for an even surface before applying lipstick as well as making the lipstick last longer on the lips. You can also use a lip liner on it’s own to add some color the same way you would with a lipstick (obviously not going to work with this one).

If I have to describe this liner from Milani with one word, I’d make up my own; lipglue. Because that’s basically what this is. When applied, the lips turn sticky as if you’d just applied glue to them, and I love that effect because it makes the lipstick stick better and last longer on the lips.

I love how smoothening it is for the lips, and it really does fill every little line so my lips become super even to look at (think Kylie Jenner lips). For this reason, I also believe this would be a great product for more mature lips if you have issues with your lipsticks bleeding but mind that I haven’t tested this myself, it’s purely speculation.

The packaging is your standard pencil with a clear lid, no fuss and it works! Especially a fan of the clear lid as it makes it easy to distinguish between multiple shades in a collection. The liner is used like you’d use any regular pencil and it’s easy to apply both to the outer rim or all over the lips. It’s sharpened like a normal pencil (which I’d clearly forgotten before taking the picture above… Oops).

Milani is a brand probably best known in the US but I’m truly stoked to have it more easily available on the Danish market. Maria and I used to stuff Milani products in our suitcases when travelling, and while the Danish market (to my knowledge) is a bit behind, it’s great to have some of the products available here. Hopefully there’s more to come. If you’re located aboard, Milani is a very affordable brand and your best chance is finding it at your local drug store or online. I can’t guarantee that all their products are great but they generally make some good products that I wouldn’t hesitate to buy and test out.

If you’re located here in Denmark, the lip liner (among other Milani products) can be purchased on for 65 kr. A true bargain for what you get. It is, hands down, one of the best lip liners I have ever used.