Deodorants are something that I find can be a very personal thing. The trend with deodorants is that they need to be natural, but I think we have all discovered that natural deodorants don’t always do what we want them to do. I still wanted to try, and this one wasn’t that expensive so I thought why not.

I picked the Merci Handy deodorant, I know absolutely nothing about the brand, but I read some reviews and it seemed promising. This deodorant doesn’t contain aluminum, paraben, or alcohol. It uses Ethylhexylglycerin to help tackle bacteria responsible for bad smells. It also uses Sodium hydroxide that neutralizes bad smells.

Merci Handy Clean Deodorant in Hello Sunshine

I really like the design of the deodorant, it is very simple, but I love that the color matches the name of the scent. Now if you ask me what Hello Sunshine smells like I’m not quite sure what I would answer? But I have read on Sephoras page that it should smell like the solar scent of monoi and holiday insouciance, with notes of vanilla and exotic fruit. I guess that does kind of fit with the smell. I do want to say that I do like the smell, which is always a gamble when you try out a new deodorant.

If I don’t like the smell, then I don’t enjoy the product and I find that a smell you are stuck with for a whole day, just needs to fit your taste. So smell is approved if you ask me.

The texture is wax-like, but more creamy if that makes any sense. The form is like a wax stick, but the product is easy to spread and feels soft on the skin. It’s very easy to apply and it doesn’t bunch up on the skin. I haven’t stained my clothes either.

Now the most important factor of a deodorant is to keep the smell away. I’m sad to announce that this just didn’t work for me. It worked fine at the beginning of the day, but when hours passed I started to smell. I don’t have time to reapply and the other deodorant I use doesn’t need to be reapplied.

Now because I don’t like to waste products I still use it, but only when I’m going for runs. It lasts okay for that hour, but that’s it. So I’m sad to say this is a no from me because I really like the smell and the texture.

Do you have a favorite deodorant?

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