Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara is a popular product among makeup enthusiasts. It is known as a good choice for mascara, and it last long and doesn’t smudge. It is often shown on Tik Tok.

As some of you know Mascara isn’t always my best friend, and lately, mascara has been a problem for me, because the ones that once used to work, don’t work this time around. So I have been searching and searching for a new mascara and thought that it was finally time to try this one out.

The mascara brush

Mascara brush from Maybelline’s Sky High

The mascara features a flexible brush that is designed to reach every lash, even the small and hard-to-reach ones. The brush has long and short bristles that work together to coat each lash with the formula. This allows for a more even and clump-free application. The first time I wore this mascara, was at a Lizzo concert and I asked my friend how my mascara looked. She said they almost looked fake, and I must say I really do like the way it makes my lashes look. It does separate the lashes beautifully, and I really do like the brush.

The formula of Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara is infused with bamboo extract and fibers, which helps to strengthen and lengthen lashes over time. The mascara is also smudge-proof and flake-proof, making it a reliable choice for long wear or so it says. It is important to notice that I chose the waterproof version to give this mascara a fair chance. But I honestly must admit, that it isn’t completely smudge-proof. I didn’t get any flaking with it, but I did get smudging. So sadly this isn’t a smudge-proof mascara, especially if you are one of those that struggle a bit with mascara.

Overall, Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara is a great option for those who don’t have a hard time with mascaras. If mascara never smudges on you, then I think you will like it. However, if are you one that always struggles with mascara then this one is not for you. I do really like the brush and I also like how it looks on my lashes, but I have to keep an eye on it all the time because I never know when it will turn me into a panda. So sadly I have to continue my haunt for smudge-proof mascara.

You can buy it in Matas store or here online for 99,95 kr or on Amazon for $10.25