I know this subject might seem a bit weird to talk about. BUT honestly the older I get the more understanding I get of how much water actually does and how important it is even to your beauty products.

Now we all know that we need to drink water every day. It is always one of those things people mention when being healthy or getting beautiful skin. Water is important and we all need to remember to drink our water, but that is not the thing I really want to talk about.

I want to talk about what happens when you apply water to your soap, shampoo (doesn’t that count as a kind of soap?), and conditioner. Now I might be slow, which possibly is the truth, but I thought if there were other people that hadn’t seen the light of day then I would share my thoughts (which might not be a good idea).

So did you know that conditioner should actually foam up a bit when you apply it? I didn’t! I sadly can’t remember where I learned this information, well I know it was on tik tok, but I can’t remember the creator.

But the thing and the subject that I want to get to is adding more water! When your shampoo doesn’t foam, don’t add more shampoo, add water. When you apply your condition and it doesn’t foam up a slight bit, add more water. Now conditioner isn’t going to foam up as a shampoo, but it is possible to get it to foam up, as soon as you have enough water in your hair. It works!

When you cleanse your face? Add more water! Take two seconds to add a little bit of cleanser, add some water and work those two together with your hands, and boom your cleanser works a lot better (well most cleansers will. I know there are different types of cleansers, but the soapy ones most likely will).

I know this seems really random, but if you use a big amount of product then maybe cut down a bit and then add water. It might surprise you and make your product work better.