So one of the comments that I see a lot on social media is “Why is she acting like this, she is 30” or “Why are they doing this they are 30”, as in something magical happens when you turn 30. The bar for people that have turned 30 or are about to, is exceptionally high.

So let’s talk about it!

Now I do want to come clean and say that I turn 30 in 1 month’s time, but I do feel like I am still okay to talk about this. I saw somebody talk about how when you turn 20, that is your first year as an adult, so when you turn 30 you actually turn 10 adult years. I really like this point of view. Would you in any shape or form expect a 10-year-old, to know everything and have complete control over life? No, you wouldn’t they are only 10 years old, so they have a lot to learn and this is the same thing when turning 30, you know absolutely nothing about being an adult.

Is my life as I thought it would be when I turned 30? No. But I must admit I haven’t thought about my life at 30 if I’m honest. But I must say I feel more lost at 29 turning 30 than I ever have before. I have also moved the age up to 40 before I need to be an adult. I also think this is why these comments bother me a bit. 30 is nowhere near being an adult. It is however the time when you can do what you want, and in most cases have money to do so. So please stop being so judgemental towards people turning 30 or being in their 30s. They are simply just kids with money, and that should be allowed.

Now when you turn 30 or are close to it, there isn’t suddenly just a switch in you that turns you into a serious adult, that can’t have fun. They don’t want to party or have fun for that matter, or take silly photos. Once again remember that person is only 10 adult years, so cut them some slack.

I do want to say that your confidence does somewhat change a bit, and you just become a bit indifferent to the people around you. They don’t like the way you do things? Not, your problem. Don’t want to put clothes on after taking a swim, who gives a shit about you walking home in your swimwear, with a towel around your shoulders, not you. You become a bit indifferent every day, which I really like. Not to say that I’m oh so confident, but it keeps getting better.

I’m not jumping for joy about turning 30, but I have tried to shift my mindset a bit, to make it more positive. I always wanted to learn the guitar, so I sat that as a gold to do before I turned 30. I wanted to go on another solo trip before I turned 30. So I did. I wanted to become 30, so I prepared myself as much as possible. Even though I have done these things I still don’t feel ready, but I do feel like I have accomplished something that gives me something to put in my backpack as I turn 30 and can get used out of in my 30s.

Well, what I wanted to say with this post is, give some slack to the people turning 30. They aren’t as grown up as you think they are. Even though you are 30 you still are allowed to be childish and have fun. Be kind! Not only to people turning 30 but to everyone. We all learning as we go!

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