I have wanted to dedicate a whole post to Rare Beauty for a while now, and not I’m finally doing it.

The beginning of Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty is a cosmetics brand founded in 2020, by the one and only Selena Gomez. I guess Folklore by Taylor Swift and Rare Beauty is two of the best things we got in the year of 2020. The two besties were keeping busy.

The brand’s mission is to help people feel confident and celebrate their individuality, which I do think that they have done. All of Rare Beauty’s products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Since 2020, Rare Beauty has grown to be a beautiful brand if you ask me. They now have products in most categories. Foundations, tinted moisturizer, bronzer sticks, liquid blushes, melting blushes, eyeshadows, eyeprimer, face primer, brushes, highlighters liquid and powder. There are so many beautiful products at this moment in time.

I am located in Denmark and I must say that I wish we could get all the cool caps, and makeupbags that are available on the Rarebeauty.com site, because they make other cool things than just makeup.

I really liked that they started out with cream products and not powders. I thought that was a very smart, and the fact that the products Rare Beauty started out by releasing were just so good.

Rare Beauty Packaging

Rare Beauty Packaging

Rare Beautys packaging has been talked about, since it is very inclusive and accessible because of the easy-to-grib caps. They also have flat products. Meaning your lipstick or liquid eyeshadow doesn’t roll anywhere. I have to say as person who doesn’t have any physical difficulties open things, that I even thought this was a great feature, before realizing what a help it could be to others.

Now to one thing that I thought was also a brilliant move. Rare Beauty has pledged to donate 1% of all sales to the Rare Impact Fund, which supports mental health services and resources. I really like that even though Selena is promoting makeup, she keeps the mental side of things close to her. I like that train of thought. Because beauty has become such a difficult thing, and there is such a pressure on looking a certain way, that I love this idea so much.

Selena also said that she wants everyone to feel like they can see themselves in Rare Beauty products, and I think that is a great concept to start a beauty brand on.

I can’t wait to see where the brand takes us, and for the next few days I will review some of the Rare beauty that I haven’t talked about yet.

In Denmark you can find Rare beauty right here or you can find all you need to know on Rarebeauty.com