I have for the longest time used pudderdåsernes all in one Cleansing oil, and I have been very happy with that one. But we all know that sometimes you just need to try others. Now K-beauty or Korean skincare has been a very big part of my skincare routine here in 2022. So I have tried some cleansing balms, but not really any cleansing oils.

So I picked this one from IUNIK. It is a moisturizing oil cleanse based on 94% plant oils, that will calm and moisturize the skin. It doesn’t contain perfume, sulfates, and alcohol. The product is vegan.

If you don’t know how to use cleansing oil. Then here is a small guide. It starts off as oil, then you apply it to your face, add a bit of water, it turns a bit milky and then you wash it off.

Now I have a sample of this product laying around, and I really wish that I had tried that one before buying this product. There isn’t really anything wrong with the product per se, but I simply do just not like it.

The smell is a bit too flowery if you ask me, the bottle keeps leaking. Does it work as it should? Yes, it does. It removes my makeup fairly easily, and it doesn’t sting my eyes. But I just don’t seem to fall in love with the product as I have done with so many others. It leaves your skin feeling nice, and not sticky in any way.

So I am going to use this one up, but I’m not going to buy it again. We simply just don’t connect and that’s okay. But once again, this is not a bad product, it is just not a product for me.

You can buy it here

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