So there were this trend on YouTube where people go to the worst reviewed makeup artist in their town. And one of the people who really took this challenge to her, is Judy D. If you haven’t seen any of her videos, then you should go watch, because they are really funny. 

But one of the things that get pointed out, quit often in her videos, are the fact that some of these makeup artist use their fingers to apply makeup. Every time that topic comes up, I’m always confused, because I have never thought about using your fingers when applying makeup as a bad thing. I have even on this blog promoted using your fingers to apply foundation, because it gives a beautiful finish. Therefore I wanted to look at this subject, just a bit more. I follow Chalotte Tilbury on Instagram, and she often post these small tutorials on how a product should be applied or how a new product works. If you look at these tutorials you will often see, that she uses har fingers for a lot of things. I also know that Pat McGrath use her fingers when she applies makeup. 

These are two really famous makeup artist, and they both use their fingers to apply makeup, so does that make them unprofessional? Of course it doesn’t. Honestly I don’t know why people see it as unprofessional? Maybe because we are getting so used to seeing Instagrammers using tons of product then they blend it with their beauty blender afterwords. Og everybody always have 1000 of brushes in their tutorials, so they never have the change to use their fingers? I don’t know the answer, but I must say, often you get a much prettier look by using you fingers. They can warm the product up, in a way that no beauty blender or brush will ever be able to, and it can press the product into the skin a lot better.

Sometimes my foundation just won’t look nice on my face. No matter what I do, it just won’t work. Then I always go to my hands, and I’m always surprised by how pretty the outcome is. Because the product gets worked into the skin in such a beautiful way, that a brush simply can’t compete. 

So from my point of view, using your fingers to apply makeup doesn’t make you unprofessional in anyway, it might even give you a better finish. And as Judy say in her videos, she rather have they use their fingers than using a dirty brush, og sponge. This I also must agree on, its must easier to wash your hands than it is to wash brushes, which it a BIG bonus, when it comes to using your hands.

But what you do think about people using their hands, when they apply makeup? Is it a bad thing? Do you like it? Or are you okay with them using their hands?