I have now collected a whole box of used-up products, so I thought I better start telling you about which products, so I can throw them out. I have collected only hair products for this one, so here we go!

  1. Batiste Dry Shampoo
    I have mentioned this product many times now. This time there is however a little difference in the product. The first one is the regular dry shampoo that I have talked about many times. The other one is however new at least to me. It is their invisible formula. I think this one was okay, but I like the original better.
  2. ID Hair Mé Dry Clean
    I do not like this product. It feels sticky in my hair and it makes my hair feel more dirty than clean. The smell isn’t my favorite either, so honestly, it was just a bad experience having it in my hair. I did use it up, because I’m trying not to waste too much product, but I didn’t like it. The spray however was really nice. It sprays really lightly. But a big no from my side.
  3. Plejende hårcreme fra Pudderdåserne.dk
    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! My hair LOVES this product. It is just such a beautiful product. It is not too heavy for my hair, it really helps with my curls as well. It acts as a heat protectant, gives shine, and you can even use it as a hair mask, before washing your hair. I have already bought a new one, so I would buy this product again

  4. Curl Girl Nordic Curling Cream Step 5
    I bought this because of my whole curly girl journey. I think it is an okay product, but I won’t be buying it again. I do want to say that it wasn’t heavy on my hair, and it felt really nice in the hair, without making it greasy. It worked okay in my hair, but I like my Plejende hårcreme better, and therefore this won’t be a product that I intend on buying again. But I won’t say never, because I honestly don’t know about this product.

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