Hair mousse has been a new part of my haircare routine, the last year. I was shopping in Netto and there on the shelf stood this L’ORÈAL Elvital Dream Length Waves Waterfall Mousse and it looked pretty, so I bought it. When you know absolutely nothing about hair mousse, you simply buy the one that looks pretty.

What does it do?
So I bought it and I have now used it up. On the bottle, it says that it will give shape and waves to long hair and tame the flyaways without being heavy on the hair. It gives definition up to 48 hours. It also claims to be non-crunchy and non-sticky. So does it do what it claims?

Well yes, I think it does. It does create soft waves in my hair. I don’t find it crunchy or sticky in any way. I also feel that I can use a lot of this product, without feeling it in my hair. I am still trying to use the curly girl method that I have talked about before on the blog. However, I’m just being as strict with it as I was in the beginning. I have also been through a few more products and have learned more about what works and what doesn’t work for me.

How to use it?
On that haircare journey, I have learned that mousse and my hair, work fairly well together. The texture doesn’t make it heavy and just lasts well in my hair.

I use it instead of curl cream, and I apply it right after I have washed my hair, in soaking wet hair, and then I let it dry a bit in a towel before I let it air dry or use a hairdryer. It does last better when you blowdry the hair, compared to when you let it air dry.

This Waves Waterfall mousse does last about 48 hours in my hair, because normally when using this on the third day, my hair starts to lose its shape. It does not work as well as the hair mousse that I have moved on to, but if you just need a mousse to create a bit of shape, then I really like this one.

Does it have a smell?
The packing I like as I said in the beginning, and I also like the smell. Can I describe the smell? Well yeah, umm, a bit like hair care product, but to the warm side, and maybe a tini tiny bit of vanilla? Idk, but I like it. It does last a bit in your hair, the smell, which I kind of like.

I wish I had taken a picture, I will work on it, but It did give me some nice hair, it just didn’t help my curls as much as I wanted it to, which is the reason why I won’t be buying it again. However, if you do need a simple mousse that doesn’t make your hair crunchy, try this one. It’s good and fairly cheap.