A beauty routine is something we all try to fit in alongside our hair care routine, workout routine, work routine. Now my skincare routine has changed over the years, and this stems from the fact that well

  1. I have gotten older (Do Covid years still count?)
  2. My skin has changed
  3. I have hopefully learn a few tips and tricks along the way

So cotton pads have always been a part of my beauty routine, it has not been the best when you look at it with an environmental view, but that has changed slowly and now you can find something that resembles a cotton pad, and that is better for the environment. So yay for that.

The reason why I stopped
My skin used to be more oily than it is now, which means my products have changed. Before I always tried to not make my skin too moisturized, whereas now I want to make it as moisturized as possible because it quickly feels dry. Another thing is my cleansing routine has become so much better.

So how does this lead to not using cotton pads anymore?
As I said my cleansing routine has become better, so I don’t feel the need to use a cotton pad alongside, my toner, to check if I had cleaned my skin well enough. I have now also started to press the products into my skin instead of swiping them over my skin.

Now when your skin is oily there is something about swiping products over your skin, compared to when you have dry skin and you want your skin to soak up everything you put on it. That’s the change. I want all my moisturizing products to seek deep into my skin and absorb as well as they can.

This is where I found out that cotton pads don’t really belong in my skincare routine anymore. So is there a reason why something left your skincare routine?