Foundation is something I do like using, even when my skin was good to me (which it’s not anymore). My cheeks often holds some redness, and by using a foundation I get that even skin tone, that all of us long for. Right now I’m battling with maskacne a.k.a mask acne. All of my outbreaks are along my lower cheek and chin, right were the mask is. The rest of my skin is behaving, so that’s nice. But I’m trying hard to work with my maskacne, and make it go away, but until I find a magical way to do that, I do appreciate a good foundation. There is absolute nothing wrong with having acne and not choosing to use foundation. I must say that I just feel e bit more confident, when I know I wear just a bit of foundation. I never cover my acne completely, but just a little bit. 

Everyday I take the train from Odense to Copenhagen, which means that I start everyday with wearing a mask. So I have now started to applying  my foundation on the train, so I don’t have to wear it under the mask for a long long time. But by choosing to do this, I also need an easy foundation to work with and this one really is. Clinique has a foundation that is called Even Better which I would say is a classic, the refresh version is a bit more hydrating, than the original. 

“All skin times can use it. It hydrates for 24 hours, and has full coverage and a natural finish. It erases pores and smooths the skin, gives it volume and makes it look younger.  It’s key ingredients are Hyaluronic acid and salicylic acid. It’s olie free, and it helps with breakouts, and doesn’t clog the pores.”  

There is 25 colors. I feel like there could have been more deep colors, but I do think that with the line only have 25 colors the colors are spred out, pretty okay. 

I will get to the point now, because I have been talking for hours now. The tube that it comes in is perfect. It’s simply just perfect and so easy to get the perfect amount of product out. It’s also perfect for traveling, which all of us are doing a ton of here in 2020 (NOT!). 

The product inside the tube is also perfect. I love this foundation. I get a fairly natural coverage with it, but you can build it up. I always apply it with my fingers and that works so well. It also wears quit good on my skin. It doesn’t just disappear which foundations normally do on my skin. So yeah I love this stuff. It’s perfect for my sensitive, dry acne prone skin. It’s just such a good foundatio. So yeah buy it, I’m 99,9 % sure you won’t regret it (not even a letter).