Do you remember when Maria lived in Canada in 2018? I do! Turned out, she left the country for my 25th birthday – somewhat of a catastrophe! Luckily it meant that I received a big package from the other side of the Atlantic with everything I could have desired for my birthday including this makeup remover/cleansing oil, that she had discovered and fallen in love with. It’s now available in Sephora here in Denmark but at the time it wasn’t available here so it truly was a gift sent from the Gods (or, you know, Canada), and it was love at first sight for me. 

No, it’s not supposed to be cracked at the top. My bottle fell into an accident with my bathroom floor. It happens..

As the name suggests, this makeup remover and cleansing oil has the consistency of an oil, which is my favorite consistency for makeup removers because I find them to be effective at removing all my makeup without hurting my somewhat sensitive eyes, and that also applies to this one! Apart from that, isn’t it smart in these environmental times that we can remove makeup without the use of cotton? I just use my fingers which works perfectly as the oil is obviously thicker than water. 

What I do is, I pump a suitable amount onto my fingertips and distribute it between my hands, then I rest my fingers over my eyelids/lashes for something like 30 seconds before massaging it in gently! At last I wash the product off and I generally find that this method is effective enough for all types of makeup – including waterproof! If it isn’t enough the process can be repeated and the product should be worked into the lashes better but remember to always be gentle! 

Apart from being an eye makeup remover the product also serves as a cleansing oil for the face makeup. I don’t really do this. If I have spare product on my hands, I rub it over my face but since I already double cleanse I don’t see the need to use this as an unnecessary third step. But if you’d like the option is available – especially a good idea if you don’t double cleanse as this will get rid of any makeup and allow your cleanser to work its magic on clean skin. 

One of the disadvantages with oil products is that they can leave behind an oily residue which doesn’t seem to wash off well. It’s something I always fear whenever I buy an oil based product but luckily it’s not a problem with this one. I don’t feel anything on my skin afterwards (except clean, of course!) and it washes off really well and easily. According to the Sephora website it’s due to the concentration of different oils  and green tea in the product, which makes it more easily soluble in water. 

For this product I feel that the oil is an advantage. Compared to other products, I can’t imagine an oil based product ever being drying on the skin. My skin feels clean, soft and lovely when I’ve used this product without feeling stripped and uncomfortably tight. 

Another thing I always fear is that my makeup remover will sting my eyes. Obviously, it’s not meant to be poured into the eyes but I’m sure we all know that it happens. This is yet another thing I haven’t experienced with this product even though I consider myself to have at last somewhat sensitive eyes! 

Summing up, this makeup remover and cleansing oil is really good and worth recommending. It’s available in Sephora for 255 DKK for 150 ml.