I actually wanted to talk about the Rare Beauty eyeshadow palette True to Myself, but as I was doing my research I discovered that it has been discontinued (?). I couldn’t find it on the Rare Beauty page or the Danish Sephora page. I do get why they have pulled the product, and now I also HAVE to try one of their new eyeshadows palettes just to see if the formula has improved.

Anyway! So instead of talking about the eyeshadow palette I will be talking about the Always An optimist weightless eyeshadow primer! Now used to be a greasy girl, meaning I have enjoyed my time with an oily face. So nothing sticks and everything moves. So in my younger years, I really learned what to do and which products to use and the best eye primer I have ever tried is the Nars Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base . This is the best eyeshadow primer ever, and honestly, it still is to this day.

But I have tried the Rare Beauty Always An Optimist Weightless eye primer out. They describe it as a primer with instant hydration that lasts all day. That it’s lightweight and it’s a creamy primer that dries quickly to a seamless, silky-smooth base perfect for eyeshadow.

It has a peach tint to it, and that should help the colors pop, and bring out the best of them, for longer-lasting wear. The primer should help from creasing, fading, and smudging.

The primer does dry down quickly and it’s easy to apply eyeshadow over it. It does give a good base, but my problem is that some days, it makes my eyeshadow last all day. On other days my eyeshadow creases. Most eyeshadow primers don’t work on me, it has always been a problem for me. This sadly isn’t that different. It is however on the better side of eyeshadows primer that I have tried. So if you don’t have too oily eyelids then, I think you will like the Always an Optimist weightless eyeshadow primer.

You can buy it here on Sephora.dk for 189 kr or on Rarebeauty.com for $21