This week marks the end of my 2,5 month long exam period, having my final exam on Monday and between then and now (if you’re reading this in real time) I have also managed a small get away to Berlin. Needless to say, sleep should have been but has not been at the top of my priority list. Our English speaking readers might not know this, but I struggle to sleep – and especially so when I am stressed. That is why I have tested a number of things to improve my sleep: most recently this little This Works kit containing a Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and a Stress check roll-on.

Since these products were launched some years ago, beauty gurus all over the Internet have been raving about them so I was excited to see what the rave is all about – especially since im not the biggest fan of the lavender scent.

The scent

Let me just tell you, both of these smell divine, so luxurious and spa-like without being overwhelming. That was something I worried about because I am quite a difficult sleeper and lots of things like scents tend to disrupt my sleep. There is no doubt that you have just sprayed lavender on your pillow, but I do not find it overpowering.

What are they supposed to do?

For our Danish readers, I’ll start by linking to a previous entry I did all about essential oils. There you will find further information on the benefits of different oils – including lavender – and the amounts that are safe to use. Regardless of reading my previous post, I am sure most of you will have heard that lavender has a calming effect on the mind. That is also why many sleep masks are padded with lavender. While I always believed that essential oils could do more than we realise, I never fully believed in oil that can calm you down. Lavender is said to have calming properties both for the mind and for the body. The mind by smelling lavender and the body by rubbing lavender on irritated skin. These two products are supposed to do both, I believe. The spray, a pillow spray, is supposed to calm you down when laying your head on the pillow, while the roll-on is supposed to be used on pressure points with the same effect. Whether or not you believe in pressure points are a personal matter, I believe, but I think there is something about them.

Do they work?

As a little disclaimer I will say that I have only used them on the nights of my exams. They are small testers and I did not want to risk running out before my final exam but all three of those nights, I have fallen asleep instantly. I do not know if it is entirely thanks to these two products or a combination of a few things. For example, I always sleep very little the night before the night before the exam so that I ensure I am tired the night before. I do yoga, I meditate, I take 3 valerian pills and I go to bed early (who knew sleeping could be such a task, huh?).

What I will say is, that I think the spray and the roll-on do have a calming effect – I just do not know if that alone is enough to put me to sleep but it definitely helps relax me. I have slept exceptionally well before this round of exams. And even if it cant be determined for sure, that these products made a difference, I see myself repurchasing one (I go in circles about which one I like better; right now it is the roll-on.. Or maybe the spray.. No roll-on for sure.) or maybe both of them again. I find that the spray is really nice to spray on my yoga mat as well and the roll-on works well for meditation.

Are they miracle products? Probably not but they are a nice little self-care treat!

If you have serious sleeping issues like myself, I suggest seeking professional help. Our sleep is important (our Danish readers can read more about that here).

My kit contains two 5 ml. products that I bought for 80 kr. in Sephora.